Welcome to
Farming Simulator

we are a small and friendly group of PC Farmers

Friendly group of Players

Have you ever wanted to be part af a fantastic Farming Comunity? Then look no further! We want you to be part of our team!

Were all adults here

No egos here, we all love Farm Simulator and enjoy working together or alone on our Dedicated Server.

Fully password protected

We want to make sure that only the people that are part of our comunity can have access to our farm and we keep in close contact via our Discord group.

Want to make great Friends along the way?

Come and join us!

Founded by Matthew (M6CEB) in 2018!

After playing several hours of single player I decided to get a small group together and start working together, sharing ideas and having fun.

Join us today!

Like what you see?

Send us a message and we will get you all sorted ready to start! Don’t worry if you struggle with anything or even if you have never farmed before we will make sure you are well looked after and we are never far away

We have a Dedicated Server!

When I started the group I looked for a safe, reliable and Dedicated Server for optimal performance!

Nice relaxed atmosphere.

No Egos here! We all want to relax and enjoy Farming, after all Farm Simulator was never meant to be stressful! Come and go as you please.

We are on Discord!

This helps us all stay in contact, if for any reason we need to change passwords or throw around ideas. Nice and simple.

We do not tollerate bullying!

This is something me and the rest of our team hold dear. We will never allow any type of bullying or harassment from anyone! Zero tolerance!

Farming Simulator 17

We play on the PC version of Farming Simulator 17 and im sure when the new 19 version comes out we will be on that too!

Let’s build our Farm

We all work together to build and maintain a Beautiful and efficient Farm!

Drive the best!

We have got some fantastic Tractors, Combines and Trucks!

Always improving!

We would love to hear anyone’s suggestions on how to improve things.

Lets get cracking!

We are super excited that your hear and can’t wait to meet you on the farm.

Contact Us for more info

Meet some of the team.

Matthew Bamber

Farm Owner

Ian Scott

Farm Manager

Chris Matter

Farm Manager

Colin Marshall

Logistics Manager

Can the Retevis RT95 really put out 25W? Check out the video to find out! https://t.co/pyxNlCNwqb What a great radio 😍 #retevis #RT95 @bestcherryxiao #hamradio #hamr #amateurradio

We're getting really excited for the brand new #hamradio repeater coming to the North West! πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ #GB3EP 2 meter analogue voice 😍 more information can be found at https://t.co/rtYSSnJKKo πŸ˜‰ #hamr #AmateurRadio

Brand new Ailunce HD1 12 month review video out now! 😍 https://t.co/M8r7t6UvEH check it out! #retevis @retevis_com @bestcherryxiao #hd1 #hamr #hamradio #AmateurRadio

OMG! 😍 Love our new Chereau Trailer! Want to drive it too? Visit https://t.co/ub2sCg8MQQ for more information #ets2 #eurotrucksimulator2 #VTC #AmericanTruckSimulator @TruckSimFM @SCSsoftware


Thanks so much to Patrick! One of our best Drivers here at Lytham Longhaul for this awesome Skin Combo πŸ™‚ 😍 #ets2 #eurotruck #americantrucksimulator #lytham #lythamlonghaul @SCSsoftware @TruckersFM @TruckersMP

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