AFM Santana 88 for FS 19 MODS

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AFM Santana 88 download free for Farming Simulator 19 will bring you a cheap car. This one helps you move from place to place in a short time. AFM Santana 88 also has more seats!

AFM Santana 88 is a mod that brings you a car. This car will allow you to travel from place to town. You can use this one to get to where you want to set your new farm up.

With all the help of this new car, you will never need to find a fast vehicle that can carry things. You can use the belt system on the roofs to bring anything you need from or to your farm.

AFM Santana 88

This mod will send you an AFM car, and come with it will be some new stuff such as:

  • New color for you to choose from and we think you should choose a red one. It will save you more money and fit perfectly to your farm.
  • This car will come with a gas can. That will be where you can save some gas for later use.

FS 19 Cars:

  • This car will allow you to give it a trailer. This means you can carry some stuff along with you in this car.
  • Make your change with some wheel and tires configurations.
  • FS 19 MOD page is now open for you to download the mod!


Author: AFModding

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