Alpine Farming Tips: How to farm in Erlengrat

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Farming Simulator is a game for players who like to build and manage farms. There will be many things you need to learn to play this game well. And the new tips we have in this post will help you a lot. Join us and learn all the knowledge for your gameplay here!

About the train:

This game will come with a train, and this one will run from Erlengrat to the east. You will see that this train is not a decoration thing in the game. It will help you to sell all your products. Once you see this train, you need to join it and send your product to the marketplace quickly.

This is one of the best features you can have when playing the Erlengrat map. And this will also allow you to do more than selling your product. The player can find some items and seeds from this train too.

The train is like a place for players to trade for money and other products for their farm. Felsbrunn will be the place that this train heads to, and that will be where your product will be sold.

You can also use the map or other function of the game to know where and when the train comes.

Build the farm of yourself:

There will be some tips for you to build your farm, and one of them will be to choose a suitable land. When coming to this game, you will be provided a small place for farming. But it will be your job to locate and then place all your farming tractors.

Farming Expansion allows you to know where you should place your storage, fence, crop, and other machine cabins. There will be many things you need to know where to start your work.

Field creation will be one of the best functions you need in this game. It allows you to buy new land and set up your crop.

Farming Tips:

  • You should choose the right place to place your crops, and that place will be full of grass and have no obstacles.
  • Players will need to put their crops near the water. That is needed and helps you save more time to supply the water for the plant.
  • Animals will be one big thing in this game. It would be best if you chose the right time to build the Cow’s place. That will also be where you get milk and make cheese, chocolate. The king of animals you can know in Alpine will be cowed.
  • You will also need to build a place for your chicken, goat, sheep, and other animals. They will bring you food and give you money for their production.
  • Using all the machines you can find on your farm. These machines will help you save time and get more money.

There will be more tips for you the next time you come back here. Join us in Alpine, have fun and leave a comment!