Amazone Profihopper for FS 19 Mods

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Amazone Profihopper download free for Farming Simulator will be the machine you need for your farm. This machine allows you to get rid of grass that you don’t need in Farming Simulator 19.

Amazone Profihopper is the best one we have for you in this world. The vehicle will be one person driven. And you can control this one with your own hand. There will be no need for help from others.

This vehicle will help you to cut all the grass and then transport them to where you want. Or maybe you can get them to a truck and take them to a trash place.

There will be a lot of ways for you to get rid of grass and make your field look amazing.

Amazone Profihopper

The top speed of this one will be 12 kph. And you can not have more speed for it because this one has been designed to give players a cutting grass job. And that is the only function it gave you.

You will need to buy this one from the shop, and it will cost you 5.900 $. This is not too much for a small machine like this one.

Farming Simulator 19 gives this machine a reach of 1.25m. And that is enough for it!


Author: GtX

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