Animal Pen Extension for FS 19 Mods

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Animal Pen Extension download free for Farming simulator offers a fantastic solution Tech Farm. You will love the new additions. You’ll add a profitable farm.

Animal Pen Extension is a great mod by GtX. Check it out below!

An overview of the Mod

The Mod belongs to GtX Author. The Mod is about 6MB in size and officially released in October 2020. The Mod is compatible with Platforms, including PC/MAC.

The mod is easy to install, enjoy it. Get it free and safe right here!


Animal Pen Extension download has many new features, including:

  • Players need to pay a small fee to create a pipeline for your farm. The local plumber will build the pipe. Pipes provide clean water for your pets.
  • Players need to pay a small fee to choose a local contractor to deliver cow’s milk. Thus, you will save a significant amount of time giving cow’s milk. Your farm will score the best dairy cows.
  • Players need to pay a small fee to create a water trough for their flock. Local farmers will provide water for your chickens.


In short, the Mod brings a lot of fun about farm technology.

You will discover many exciting things in this Mod at Farming simulator 19!


Author: GtX

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