Brochard EV 2200 for FS 19 Mods

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Brochard EV 2200 download free for Farming Simulator is now available for you. This vehicle will be the one that helps you to make the soil richer. This is from Farming Simulator 19.

Brochard EV 2200 is what you need right now for your farm. There will be more things you complete with the help of this machine.

The first thing you can do with it gives your farm new soil. Or you can make it richer by adding some new elements to the soil. This will help your crops grow quickly and have the best product of themselves.

Brochard EV 2200

198.000€ will be what you need to have this machine. And we think this price will be higher if you add some gear to your machines.

The only way for you to master this vehicle will be to buy some new gear for it. Take as many tours with this one as you can to have the best skill with it.

Farming Simulator 19 detail:

15m will be the reach of this one. This is a huge number, and you can see how it affects the way this one works.

70 000l is how much this vehicle can carry for one load!


Author: GIANTS Software

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