Broom for FS 19 MODS

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Broom download free for Farming Simulator will allow you to clean anything that you see on your amp and frame. FS 19 Misc will help you when you need to repair a new place for a new farm.

Broom is useful for you. We think you should download this one right now. It is very cheap, and you only need to pay 15€ to own it. And there will be two modes for you to use along with this new mod.

Two modes to use:

The first one will allow you to clean animals from your map. This mode will allow you to clean all the leftovers by your animal. And then you can send your animal some food.

The second mod will allow you to clean anything that you see on the map. There will be nothing to be kept, so make sure you take all the essential stuff you need.

The new update will allow you to collect and gather all your stuff easily. The mod allows you to do more than clean.

FS 19 Misc:

  • There will be some colors for you to choose from. Each color will show you a new look for the broom.
  • This mod will help you to add some decal to your broom. It will make your items look better.
  • FS 19 MOD is open free for you to download. Come and join us!


Author: no.naim

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