Case IH 7200 Series for FS 19 MODS

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Case IH 7200 Series download free for Farming Simulator will give you some tractors. And they will be instrumental when you use them for any job in your FS 19 MOD. Come and enjoy!

Case IH 7200 Series will be that mod you have to download. This mod will give you a medium tractor, and they will be able to attach tools.

Some of them will allow you to attach small arms that pick up wood, logs, and bales. They can allow you to clean up any mess, carry light things, and more.

Case IH 7200 Series

88.000£ will be the price that you can buy this machine series in the shop. We think that what this one can bring you will be much higher than the price.

155PS – 261PS will be the power that this machine can give you. Even when they are medium tractors, we think this is a huge number. Not many machines in this category can reach this number!

FS 19 Medium Tractors

FS 19 MOD allows you to customize the tank, change the hood, add tools and choose CC for the machine.

Front Loader will be the best tool you can use for this type of machine.

What these machines can do will be much higher and bigger. We shall bring you the best mod for your gameplay in FS; stay and enjoy!


Author: Matt26

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