Case Puma 185-240CVX

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The Case Puma 185-240 CVX for Farming Simulator 19 Mod will change the way you play. This vehicle has a capacity of 225 HP, and there are vehicles in this series with capacities of up to 270 HP. As a consequence, the Case Puma 185-240 CVX can reach speeds of up to 55 KM/H, making it ideal for farm work.

Synchronize the branding on the wheels, beacons, the roof, warning signs, horns, and the style. Because the two front wheels and two rear wheels are almost equal in size, traction is visibly increased. As a result, it can operate smoothly and without interruption.

The tractor in this Farming Simulator Mod, in particular, uses a basic microchip to control elements such as left/right doors and inside lighting, rear glass, hood, danger lights, on/off lights, and more.

Why this mod is chosen by players:

With innovative features and strong engines, the Case Puma 185-240 CVX satisfies users. However, the Case Puma 185-240 CVX is one of the best-selling modifications for the FS 19 Medium Tractor, so you should get it as soon as possible.

This tractor is available for 186,000 €, which is a reasonable price for any farmer.


Download Link

FS19_CaseIHPumaCVX_185_240v1 .zip