CaseIH 1030 Cutter for FS 19 Mods

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CaseIH 1030 Cutter download free for Farming Simulator will be the best cutter for players. When you need to gather your crops, CaseIH 1030 Cutter will be your hero. And the work will be done!

CaseIH 1030 Cutter is the best machine we have for you. All the crops you have on your farm will be under this machine’s control.

When you think your crop is ready for harvest, this machine will jump in and help you with that. The engine of this one will be powerful and maintain a good effect.

CaseIH 1030 Cutter:

You shall need to buy this machine for the price of 28.000€. And there will be more choices for you with the shop support.

The machine will have a wide arm, which can make it reach up to 4.3m. This will be helpful when you have a big farm. It won’t take much time for you to gather all your crops.

Farming Simulator 19

In this version, the threshold has been adjusted. And you don’t need to download any other updater to fix the bug. Flying screws will never get in your way when you play this mod anymore.

There will be another feature added to the machine. Download to see what it is!


Author: GIANTS Software

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