Challenger MT700E Field Viper for FS 19 Mods

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Challenger MT700E Field Viper download free for Farming Simulator can help you with the job of renewing the field. There will be not one but many functions you can use for FS 19.

Challenger MT700E Field Viper will be a new machine. The function of this one is not that interesting. But we think you shall need this one for your farm.

You need to do this to give it a job to renew your field and make the soil richer. That will help you to repair for the next crop. And also help you save some more time for other activities.

Challenger MT700E Field Viper

This is not the best machine we can give you. But it will be the best machine that helps you with renewing soil.

The power of this machine can reach 384HP. This means there will be more and more things you can do with it. You can ride this one on your field or use it to travel from place to place.

The price:

Farming Simulator 19 will be the version that you can find on this machine. There will be more of them for you in this version. All the machines will come at a cost, and this one will be 319.000€.


Author: GIANTS Software

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