CLAAS Xerion 3000 Saddle Trac for FS 19 MODS

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CLAAS Xerion 3000 Saddle Trac download free for Farming Simulator 19 will bring you three choices for machines. FS 19 MOD will bring you some more options for huge tractors.

CLAAS Xerion 3000 Saddle Trac is opened. This mod will allow you to send a massive engine to your farm. There will be a lot of work, and you need their help.

CLAAS Xerion 3000 Saddle Trac

This will be the first one you need to view. 330200 € will be the price that you need to pay to have this one. The power of the machine you have will be up to 372Hp. This is a big number for this tractor.

This machine will also come with a lot of updates that you can make on it. There will be a color choice, set of engine, and exhaust type. Make your tractor with all the new adjustments!

Zunhammer tank/pump

60000 € for the tank and 8000 € for the pump one. It would help if you had them for your farm, and the Manure system will be the supporter. FS 19 MOD also supports you with this!

Lizard seed tank

This one is smaller, but we think you shall need it. It will help you control your seed planting.

FS 19 Large Tractors the mod will be updated so you can have more fun with it. Follow and wait for it!


Author: Smety

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