Composite Machine Sheds for Farming Simulator 19

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Composite Machine Sheds is a necessary mod, and players will own a large and modern factory. Installation is very simple.

An overview of the mod

The mod belongs to the author VertexDezign and is 19 MB in size. The mod is free, and anyone can use the mod for fs19.

The mod brings a massive factory with four different sizes. Players can choose from a 24-meter vast 3-door factory to a 48-meter vast 6-door factory. You can accommodate large and long trucks.

Check out the awesomeness of the mod below!


Composite Machine Sheds for Farming Simulator has many new features, including:

  • The mod provides a new and extensive factory. The factory has a modern and sophisticated design.
  • The mod provides a large area with a powerful factory.
  • The factory is available in four sizes, from a 24m wide 3-door variant to a 48m wide 6-door variant.
  • The plant can accommodate large machines up to 16m in length.
  • The factory has electric doors and is powered by sunlight.
  • The factory provides a more open and spacious space for players. You can accommodate dozens of large vehicles comfortably.


In short, install the mod to accommodate large machines with a length of up to 16m. In addition, the factory owns doors with modern technology. Doors run on electricity or sunlight.

Check out Farming Simulator 19 and have a big factory.


Author: VertexDezign

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