Ellerbach for FS 19 MODS

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Ellerbach download free for Farming Simulator will bring you to a new map. This will be where you have your fun. This FS 19 Map will not let you down. Download and enjoy new features!

Ellerbach is one of the best maps on the new FS version. This one will bring you three new villages Oberellenbach, Unterellenbach, and Bachern.

Their outlook will be amazing, and there will be more change for you in this one.

The new map will mainly focus on making items, places, and objects dependent on southern German style. You can see a lot of them from it.

The new map content:

  • The winter will be amazing on this new map. You will see snow masks, snow on your roofs, and frozen lakes.
  • FS 19 Map comes with some secret places where you might find interesting things.
  • The langer has been rebuilt. But you need to place the game to know how this one goes.
  • Traffic in this new version has been adjusted too. The animal will now appear with no bug.

What will you need?

FS 19 MOD is simple but not easy to place. There will be more and more things for you to do with this one.

If you have any questions, you want to ask us. Please leave a comment, and we will contact you. Have fun in FS’s new edition!


Author: Moos Agrar,The-Alien-Paul, Farming Agency

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