Elmcreek: The new US map in Farming Simulator 22

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Farming Simulator allows you to build your own world. And in this world, there will be no limit. The only limit will be your imagination and also your skills.

To win this game, you need to train your skills and master them. You can explore this game and see what crops, machines, tools, and features that you can use for your game.

Version 22 will be the newest one of this game. And you need to build this game along with other old features. Let’s talk about what will be in this version of the game.

Farming Simulator 22 new things:

This map will bring you to some big town. These towns will allow you to find someplace for your product selling. You can also buy some items that are only available in those towns.

For people who like to hang out in the large town. We have some new places for you to chill after a long day. And that will be the entertainment center or bowling club. These places will open free for you. You need to ask about the location and drive right to that place.

The game has updated some new features, and now the outlook of all house structures is better. You can see the effect when things moving in this game are also adjusted.

More and more things:

The farm size will depend on your needs. And you can make your change on the farm size, shape, and move your field too.

The online mode will be open and allow you to have your gameplay with others. These people will connect with you through the server. This is where you can ask some questions about the main game too.

Farming Simulator Map:

Ravenport will be the best map you can play in version 19. And Elmcreek will be the best one you can join in version 22. Each one of them will bring you challenges. And it will depend on your skill to overcome those challenges.

The new map we have for you will come with a lot of things. One of them will be a location for you to explore. There will be a river, a cave, a mountain and also a new highland.

New times and place for exploration:

We will bring you some items that you can find and use for your farm. Some of them will be hidden in any cave. Your job will be to find them and use them for your world-building.

There will also be some new bridges that you can explore on this map. These bridges will allow trains to come through. And you can drive under the bridges, see the train going and hear the sound of rail.

If you like this game, you can give us feedback. That will be helpful for us to adjust the game and give more features!