Estancia Lapacho for Farming Simulator 19

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Estancia Lapacho belongs to the category of maps.

The mod provides a new and exciting area. Players can use BaleTrigger to increase the quality of work for the factory.

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An overview of the mod

The mod belongs to GIANTS Software and is about 650Mb in size. The mod was officially released in June 2019 and is compatible with PC/MAC, PS4, XB1.

The mod brings a new and exciting area. If you love Mexico style, then you will love this mod.

Different from the Platinum Version for FS17, the mod introduces a large South American region. Players can build many notable buildings on 30 fields in fs19.


Estancia Lapacho for Farming Simulator has many new features, including:

  • The mod fixed the Compound issues. Therefore, players can quickly build the necessary structures.
  • The mod adds BaleTrigger for Chips wood bales at the sawmill. As a result, you can save time and improve the quality of your work.
  • They have fixed mod groundTypeMappings for foliage painting. Therefore, players can observe everything easily. In addition, the Map in the mod supports Landscaping mode.
  • The mod brings a significant new area. You will see South American red soil, vast factories, and Mexican-style mansions.


In short, the mod brings a lot of fun because of the large South American region. You can use all the big trailers.

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Author: GIANTS Software

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