Fendt 300 Vario One

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Fendt 300 Vario One for Farming Simulator 19 was created for gamers who don’t have enough money to buy contemporary modifications.

The Fendt 300 Vario One is considered as the leader of the FS 19 Small Tractor. Do you want to become farming champs?

That has to do thanks to its powerful engine, Michelin wheels that enlarge the grooves for the nozzles, front fenders, expanded rear fenders, and LED beacons. It’s all tied together, so you can drive it while feeling like a fantastic farmer.

The Fendt 300 Vario One, in instance, has a startlingly cheap price of around 80,000 € . In comparison to other variants, this is a decent pick with a 113 – 172 hp. Even if you are a hardcore user, this mod will fulfill your needs.

Why is this mod chosen by players:

The popularity of this mod may be attributed to its simplicity and great quality. It is appropriate for gamers of various skill levels. Furthermore, it is part of the FS 19 Small Tractors series, making it quite convenient.

There are numerous mod versions of Farming Simulator Mods, but you should try this machine to begin your farming experience.


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