Fendt 700 series

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The Fendt 700 series for FS 19 is regarded as a mod for advanced players due to the high level of skill required to operate it.

The Fendt 700 series is now available. Do you want to try a mod that has a powerful engine, a quick pace, and isn’t too expensive? This tractor, which belongs to the FS 19 Medium Tractor, is a monster that can conquer millions of people and help them become great farmers in Farming Simulator 19.

Furthermore, the front of the vehicle is outfitted with a crane hook to assist the tractor to be more versatile, capable of transporting big things as well as plowing the ground. This mod’s configuration is synced with many current components such as colors, tires, engines, and Rul. The Fendt 700 series has a power range of 165 to 240 HP.

In Farming Simulator Mods, the price of this tractor now varies from 145,000€ to 185,500€ – a reasonable price in the Medium Tractor class.

Why are gamers choosing this mod:

With a powerful engine, the Fendt 700 series can work for several hours. Assist you in increasing your workplace efficiency. If you want to try out the strong Fendt 700 series, why not get it today before it sells out?


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