Fiat 65-66 for FS 19 MODS

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Fiat 65-66 download free for Farming Simulator will be a new one for your game, but it comes from the old school category. This old machine will work perfectly for your Farming Simulator 19.

Fiat 65-66 allows you to do many jobs from lifting, carrying, trader, and loading. All you need will be to learn how to connect the trailer or other gear to this one. After that, you can fully control and manage these machines.

Fiat 65-66

So how much do you need to spend to have this one for your farm? The answer will be € 8,500, and there will be a discount for you in the online shop.

The Hp of this one will be 65. And we will change this number so you can have better use of it.

We have added new decals for this one. You can use them from the setting menu. This decal will make your vehicle look in your own way!

Farming Simulator 19

This version will have some new jobs for you. And with the help of these machines, you will soon complete them all. The more you play, the better you need to get. Or you will never make it through in this game.


Author: paulo5090r

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