Fiatagri 180-90

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Fiatagri 180-90 for Farming Simulator 19 will allow you to control your farm completely. All you need will be to download this mod and use the machine it gave you.

We also have many other machines that you can use for your farm. Downloading our new mod will be the way for you to have them all.

About Fiatagri 180-90

This machine will come with a new animation when you open the door. It will run faster than other tractors you have on your farm. And also, this one will allow you to carry anything under one ton.

FS 19 MOD will give you a machine with a six cylinder turbo engine. This explains why this machine can run that fast and how strong it can be.

FS 19 Medium Tractors:

The power of this one will be 132kW. You shall need more updates to have all the features for this one.

The height of this one will be 2.85m. And there will be some changes when you download a new version for this mod.

We will bring you more machines, stay and play with us. The farm of your life will soon come true!


Author: Peppe978 – Fsi Group

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