First Look at Elmcreek – our new US map for Farming Simulator 22

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Farming Simulator is not an offline game. You can have fun with other people. And to bring that fun to more prominence, we bring you to version 22 of this game.

There will be some changes, some addons that you can not miss in this game. The time is up, and it is your choice to download and try this game or not!

The new things inside season:

You can see many things and find many things in this game, and the season will be one of them. This is a natural element that has been added to this game. The season will bring you challenges and also some benefits.

Like when you are in the winter, you can not grow more food for your farm. But with the cold of it, you can have more time to explore the plants that live in winter. These plants will be the key to your money income.

The Elm Creek train:

Alpine Farming Expansion will have some change with your gameplay too. The train will come soon and give you a chance to sell your product. Catch the train and buy anything you need from it.

There will also be some machines that can help you in winter. Remember to buy and use them when the winter troubles come to you.

This game version also has some changes with the season effect. When you have your gameplay running, the weather, environment, and other things can change. Like winter comes with snow, summer and fall come with dead leaves, and spring comes with life.

Farming Simulator 22

Elm creek Wolves will be the main topic that this version of the game can bring you. There will be more locations for you to explore. And each location will help you have more materials for building your farm.

In this update, we also bring you new machines for your farm. These machines will help you repair the old land where you have just harvested your crops.

There will also be some new places such as a marketplace where you can buy and sell things. The gas station will be where you buy gas for your machines, fill them up and start the engine.

Some new factories have been added to this game so you can make more new products from milk, fruit, and others. That will take time to complete and to know how to use it.

But when you get the idea, there will be no trouble for you to make more money. We will also give you an introduction about what you can do in this game version.

New tips for players:

  • Use all the machines you have so the progress for farming can be faster.
  • Watch the season change, so you never destroy your crops.
  • Call for help from other players online.
  • Download updates to make your game run faster and smoother.