Fliegl TPW Bale Trailer Set for FS 19 MODS

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Fliegl TPW Bale Trailer Set download free for Farming Simulator will allow you to have three choices for bale trailers. FS 19 Trailers will give you all you need to move your bales.

Fliegl TPW Bale Trailer Set is a simple mod. But this mod will give you more than you will need.

There will be some new trailers that allow you to load and carry your bales anywhere.

These new tools will fit a lot of machines, so you don’t need to spend much time choosing.

Fliegl TPW Bale Trailer Set

We will bring you three new ones for the trailer. Each one of them will allow you to carry a different amount of bales.

TPW 100 will be the first one, and you can carry 12 square bales, 14 round bales with this one. This is the smallest one we have for you.

TPW 140 will be the next one in this collection. 18 square bales and 18 round bales will be how much this machine can carry. You can also upgrade it to have more load ability.

FS 19 Trailers (new)

TPW 180 is the brand new one in this set. You can use it to carry 24 square bales and 26 round bales. It can carry more with your upgrade and change tool.

FS 19 MOD is ready!


Author: TopAce888

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