Fueltank 5000l for FS 19 Mods

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Fueltank 5000l Free Download offers a big green tank. You can store a large amount of liquid needed for the farm with this tank.

FuelTank 5000l for FS 19 MODS offers an efficient solution for liquid storage.

The mod provides an extensive and handy tub. You will love the design of this tub.

Get the mod and improve your liquid reserves!

An overview of the mod

The mod belongs to VertexDezign and is about 4MB in size. The mod was officially released in February 2019. The mod is free, easy to install, and compatible with PC/MAC, PS4, XB1.

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Fueltank 5000l has many new features, including

  • The mod provides large tanks.
  • Each tank can hold 5000 liters of liquid, and you have many essential additions to your small farm.
  • The tank has an electronic fuel injector, and you can refuel big machines right on your farm.
  • The sound of the machine is very realistic.
  • The tank is easy to use, and everything is convenient.


In short, the mod provides the necessary support for your agricultural vehicle system.

Check out the Fueltank 5000l for Farming Simulator and place the tank in an essential place on your farm!


Author: VertexDezign

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