Garage Workshop

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Garage Workshop for Farming Simulator 22 will never let you down because it offers a plethora of new features to meet all of your demands.

The Garage Workshop series, is a game for you If you love utilizing the excellent FS 22 Medium Tractors. With two revolving beacons, two speed cameras, customizable extra features, a grille on the hood, roof, and fenders, this Fendt 313 Vario FJ Modding series brings back fond memories of farm games.

Looking at the vehicle’s exterior design, this tractor has a gigantic appearance that will astound you. It is powered by a strong engine with a capacity of 100-138 horsepower. As a result, including this mod in your Farming Simulator Mods collection will ensure that your game runs smoothly.

Why this mod is chosen by players:

The Garage Workshop series is currently considered among the finest FS 22 Medium Tractors and is utilized by millions of players. In FS 22 Mods, the pricing of this automobile is quite fair for the player.

You can easily get it and enjoy your agricultural job with the assistance of the Garage Workshop series for Farming Simulator 19.


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