Grass Growing Simulator: Our new Battle Royale Game available soon!

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Grass Growing Simulator: Battle Royale is a version of the FS game. In this version, you will need to grow your grass and watch other people attack you. There will be some cows in the game, and they will eat you anytime they want.

This will be a fun game mode for players. You don’t need to do anything in this mode. All you have to do is grow bigger and faster than others. These cows can not know where you are, but they keep eating until you are the unlucky one.

Battle for your life:

In each match of this game, there will be hundreds of players that join you. And they will never know where they will be on the map until they start the game.

When you get in the game, all you need will be to keep your grass growing. Then it would help if you stayed alive as long as you could to win this battle.

Cows will wander everywhere in this battle, and they will eat the best grass they see. So you need to be sneaky and not allow them to see you.

About this farming game:

There will be a lot of things we can talk about in this game. Them all will be about how you can survive through all the challenges.

This will be about you and your farm, and you need to build your farm bigger and make more money from it.

The real challenge will come when your crops face a seasonal disaster. When the winter comes, you will have no water for your trees and plants. You will also have no food for your animal.

This is why you need to store food and water for later use in the summer and spring. This game simulates all the things that could happen if you own a farm.

There will be new mods for this game, and you can add them to your game easily. These mods will be free and bring you not one but all the features you need. But you can only play them offline!

Farming Simulator tips:

  • This is an online game, so you better not use any mods or cheat for this game. Or you will be banned from the server and never get your account back.
  • In the gameplay, you will see some notes appear for instruction. We think you should read them for more info about the gameplay.
  • There will be no limit time for this game, so you can play as long as you want. But to be the winner, you need to plan your way to it first.

We are making this game better thanks to all the support fans can give us. And we will send you more mods that change the game and help you get more joy. Join us on the big fan page and come back for more help!