Hauer Snow Pack for FS 19 MODS

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Hauer Snow Pack download free for Farming Simulator will allow you to get rid of thin snow. And this one will be needed for your farm when you move to FS 19 MOD winter time.

Hauer Snow Pack is a simple but useful vehicle. The new tool that this one has will allow you to clear all the snow in winter.

There will be two choices for you to make with the machine. To know more about them, you can download and try this mod.

Hauer TS215

This one will cost you about 12 thousand €. This is not too much for a machine like that. 25 kph will be the max speed, and so will the other edition of it.

FS 19 MOD will allow you to change the color, size, and shape of the wheel. This will help you have a unique machine.

Hauer SRS3

It would be best if you had 16000€ to bring this one to your farm. And it will have the same speed as the other version.

Hauer SnowPack gives this one width 3 m for the working range. The bigger range will come with more power.

FS 19 Misc:

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Author: GIANTS Software, Realismus Modding

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