ITRunner Pack for Farming Simulator 19

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ITRunner Pack delivers powerful and efficient containers. Players have more choices when building.

ITRunner Pack is a fun mod if you like a construction site.

The mod provides a variety of new, modern, and powerful containers.

Download the mod and use the correct container for your needs!

An overview of the mod

The mod belongs to GIANTS Software and is about 20 MB in size. The mod was officially released in December 2018 and is compatible with PC / MAC, PS4, XB1.

The mod brings a complete and modern container truck package.


ITRunner Pack for Farming Simulator has many new features, including:

  • The mod provides unique equipment for trucks.
  • The mod brings ITR 26.33 HD frameset for a Price: 55,000 €. This framework is beneficial and brings excellent utility to the player.
  • The mod offers unique containers, including the HT 50 container (Price: 28,000 € and Capacity: 48,000l); grain container (Price: 10,000 € and Capacity: 45 000l).
  • In addition, players can purchase new types of containers, including Fortis 2000 container (Price: 38,000 €, Capacity: 32 000l, Working Width: 15m); skip container (Price: 8,500 € and Capacity: 18,000l).
  • The mod provides Fortis 2000 (Price: 38,000 €, Capacity: 32 000l, Working Width: 15m), Sludge Container (Price: 34,000 €, Capacity: 15 000l, Working Width: 12m),
  • Players have exciting options, including Case Containers (Price: 7,000 €) and Wooden Crates (Price: 7,500 €)


In short, the mod offers many great options for container trucks.

Check out FS 19 MODS and choose the right container truck for your traveling needs in the game!

Author: GIANTS Software

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