John Deere 3×50 Edit By Naxe KSL

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John Deere 3×50 Edit By Naxe KSL for FS 19 is a high-quality mod in the Medium Tractors collection, with numerous unique features that captivate gamers.

The John Deere 3×50 Edit ByNaxe KSL is one of the greatest versions in the FS 19 Medium Tractors collection. This model provides a vibrant model based on a popular player’s pastime. It has an appealing green hue and a strong capability of up to 125 horsepower.

The engine configurations of the John Deere 3×50 Edit By Naxe KSL are hidden under the green paint. Furthermore, accessories such as glasses, windows, beacons, sirens, and so on are completely equipped.

The unique feature is that the body has up to three locations that may be coupled with additional equipment such as crane hooks, machine plows, and so on. Furthermore, well-known manufacturers’ base wheel designs include Trelleborg, Nokian, Michelin, and Clever.

Why are gamers choosing this mod:

According to many gamers, when this model is used in Farming Simulator 19, it runs smoothly, seems lost, has a powerful capacity, and has a fair price. As a result, John Deere 3×50 Edit By Naxe KSL is one of the most popular Farming Simulator Mods.

The cost of the John Deere 3×50 Edit By Naxe KSL for Farming Simulator 19 is about €15,000. If you like it, you should get it right now so you may enjoy this fantastic product.


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