John Deere 6×20 Series for FS 19 Mods

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John Deere 6×20 Series download free for Farming simulator offers a new and worthy choice. You’ll be pleased with the value and productivity of the Midsize Tractor.

John Deere 6×20 Series offers one of the best Midsize Tractors in the world. Check out the cool stuff of the mod below!

An overview of the mod

The mod belongs to the author Johni 6530. The mod is about 33MB in size. The mod was officially released in December 2020. The mod is compatible with Platforms including PC / MAC, PS4, XB1.

You can download the mod for free here. All files are safe. Enjoy it!


John Deere 6×20 Series download has many new features, including:

  • You can buy a Midsize Tractor at Price: 92,500 €. Midsize tractors with power output from 127hp to 220hp.
  • The medium tractor has a maximum travel speed: 50 km/h. As a result, the Mid-Range Tractor can travel at high speeds and complete the most challenging jobs.
  • Players can customize configurations, including Engine (127-220 hp), Wheels (Michelin XM 108 and Michelin MultiBib), and Weight.
  • Players can open the front and top windows of the Medium Tractor.


In short, the mod’s Medium Tractor is handy.

Check out Farming simulator 19 and enjoy the vehicle!


Author: Johni 6530

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