Kuhn Planter 3R 12 Rows for FS 19 Mods

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Kuhn Planter 3R 12 Rows download free for Farming Simulator will allow you to renew the soil. And you can also use this machine to plant seeds on your Farming Simulator 19 field.

Kuhn Planter 3R 12 Rows is the best mod we have for you. There will be no need for you to download any other machines for your game.

The renewed solid and also the seed plating will be taken care of thanks to this machine. We will send you help if you need to meet these machines.

Kuhn Planter 3R 12 Rows

There will be six blades for each row this one has. And we bring you 12 blades for the whole system. You will need this to renew the soil for your farm.

And you can also contain some seeds in these blades. It will be more fun for you if you find some gear for this vehicle.

New details:

The width of this machine’s reach will be 5.4m. And this will be big enough for you to repair a medium farm.

You will also need to pay 54.000€ to have these machines. There will be a new update for this one from Farming Simulator 19. Free and safe for you!


Author: GIANTS Software

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