La Petite Agricole

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La Petite Agricole for Farming Simulator will make you feel like a wealthy farmer because it is strong enough to quadruple your produce.

La Petite Agricole is a mod in the FS 19 Medium Tractor series known for its excellent brilliant blue color. As you use it, you’ll see that it’s a computer that’s both powerful and attractive. Furthermore, with 130 horsepower and several additional wheel, tire, and control system settings in the cabin, this upgrade may help you handle any problem on your farm.

The official price of the mod is 72,910 Euros. If you want a strong season, this is an excellent investment.

Why have gamers selected this mod?

The synchronization of components in the latest edition of FS 22 Medium Tractor has won over millions of gamers. As a result, you may utilize it without interruptions or mistakes.

Even if you only farm for pleasure, La Petite Agricole will help you do it more professionally and effectively. Do you want to give it a shot?


Uploaded by: FNF games

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