Large Grain Storages for FS 19 Mods

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Large Grain Storages download free for Farming Simulator will bring you a huge warehouse. This will be where you store your grain products and also some new machinery of Farming Simulator 19.

Large Grain Storages will be the mod you need for your FS. This mod will allow you to add two new warehouses. And that will be where you can store anything you like.

We think that you should use this storage for storing the grain. It is big and has enough space for some crops from your farm. And you don’t need to make space for anything in this warehouse. We have all the space you need!

Large Grain Storages

There will be no change when you use these two storage for the other season when the mod has been added to your game. You will be able to build this storage from the main tool kit.

There will be another usage of these two warehouses, and they all will make you feel comfortable with the storing stuff.

Farming Simulator 19

This version of the game shall have more things for you to explore. You can find some machines that are needed for your farming things. And you also will find some new decorative stuff for your house. Many things to play with!


Author: VertexDezign

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