Lizard Car Trailer for FS 19 MODS

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Lizard Car Trailer download free for Farming Simulator 19 will allow your farm to have some small trailers. You need them to carry a few things for your farm. FS 19 Trailers are free!

Lizard Car Trailer will help you a lot with your work. This mod allows you to have some small trailers. And we think if you own a pickup truck. You will need these new items for your game.

Lizard Car Trailer

This new mod will help you own some small trailers. And each one of them will come with a unique color, capacity, and size. Before that, you will need to pay 3500 € to own the pack.

We will bring you more Lizard products to your farm. But you will need to stay and play with us.

This FS 19 MOD will become more helpful when you use it with a pickup truck mod. They will help you to bring anything to your farm and market. Sell, trade, and earn money!

FS 19 Trailers

There will be some new trailers that allow you to carry more than 2230 l of stuff. The new mod will also come along with a change. That will be the supporting wheel.

The mod will come with some new tires for you to make your pick too. These tires will change the way you move on the road. So make your pick well!


Author: Kasztan18

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