Lizard Continental for FS 19 MODS

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Lizard Continental download free for Farming Simulator 19 will bring you a pretty car. This one is only used for travel from place to place. FS 19 MOD sent this free for you!

Lizard Continental  is done. All you need in this mod will be a car that you can use to show how cool you are.

The mod will mainly give players another feeling about the game. This FS game is not only about farms or work. It also shows you what a beautiful machine looks like!

Lizard Continental

  • With 200 Hp inside the engine, this one can give you a lot of speed.
  • 80 Mph is how much these things can go when you hit the road.
  • You need to pay 35000$ to own this one. And to pimp it up, you will need more.
  • Players can also give this car a trailer so you can carry your stuff to another farm.
  • There will be some new FS 19 MOD decorations for you to choose from.

FS 19 Cars update:

Front attachments are now available for this car. You need to buy them in the shop. It will also help you a lot with your job on and off the farm.

We will bring you some more fashion cars that you might need for your game. Have fun with your new car and hit the max speed of it!


Author: Vector Man

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