Lizard The Beast 1000 for FS 19 MODS

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Lizard, The Beast 1000 download free for Farming Simulator, will be the small mobile you need for your farm. Lizard The Beast 1000 will help you move fast and act quickly with nature.

Lizard The Beast 1000 is the best small machine we can give you. This one is fast and comes with a lot of choices for bodywork.

How much will you need to spend?

13,800 € will be the only price you need to pay to have this one. The bigger it is, the slower it runs.

The mass speed of this one will be 84. And hp will be 81 in top choice.

Lizard The Beast 1000

This version will give you a machine that has two choices on tires, rims, and bodywork. You can choose a cab too. There will be no one who has the same custom as you did.

New updates:

FS 19 MOD will also make sure that you have enough light when moving in the dark. The small mobile will allow you to move on any obstacle.

FS 19 Cars will bring you some more choices on body custom. This one is not yet the best care we have, but it is amazing. There will be no other car that can run this fast and save that much fuel for you.


Author: Agro Tonho

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