Manure System for FS 19 MODS

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Manure System download free for Farming Simulator will be the mod you need right now. This mod will allow you to pump your liquid to anywhere you need. The Manure System is helpful!

Manure System is one of the best support mods. This one will allow you to have better control of your game. The mod will help you to pump water anywhere you like. And after that, you can transfer them to your tank, truck, storage, etc.

This mod will save a lot of time for your progress. And your farm will need what this mod can give it.

Manure System

There will be some machines you need to buy to use all the hose that this mod adds. The pumping system will need your control. And you will be the only one who can manage this system.

FS 19 MOD will support all the vanilla vehicles in this mod. You can use this system for any machines you like.

FS 19 Gameplay

The mod will also allow you to change the length, shape, and way for the hose. In this way, you can’t pump anything to anywhere you need.

€300 will be how much for this new system. We also have a new choice for a cheaper one with €150 price. There will be more choices for you to take in this game mod!


Author: Wopster

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