Massey Ferguson 6290

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The Massey Ferguson 6290 for Farming Simulator 19 may look to be a Medium Tractors, but it’s a fantastic bonus worth noting. This model has four big tires, a spacious cabin, functional lights, and other amenities. The tractor’s standout feature is its small body in a bright red color.

Because of its tiny size, it will consume less gasoline and travel more easily. The designer has aided you in making the most of the available space in your garage.

The power of this mod, on the other hand, may reach 120 hp, making it perfect for light agricultural tasks. This mod is currently priced at 20,081 € in Medium 

Tractors FS 19.

Why are gamers choosing this mod:

The Massey Ferguson 6290 is well-known for its small size and reliable engine. Because of its inexpensive price, millions of gamers have added it to their Farming Simulator Mods collection. With mod assistance, your next harvest season will be a breeze. You will soon get the benefits of it.


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