Massey Ferguson 6460-80 Tier 2

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The Massey Ferguson 6460-80 Tier 2 tractor for FS 19 may have a tiny, basic appearance, but it is solidly made and has a lot of power.

Many gamers were drawn to the Massey Ferguson 6460-80 Tier 2. With its basic design, it resembles a tractor designed for use on a farm. The farmer, on the other hand, cannot be disregarded since it possesses enormous strength within.

Because of the hooks on both ends, it may help you complete a large amount of labor and make your harvest season less tiring. You may outsource most agricultural tasks to this mod, which has a power of 124 hp.

However, you should consider some hard objectives because this tractor is still not a high-end mod in Farming Simulator Mods. This modification costs 58,600 €. Most farmers in FS19 can pay this price.

Why do so many gamers choose this mod:

The first reason might be its low cost. If you are a new member, you can purchase and hold until the following harvest season. We feel that the first mod you should attempt in the FS 19 Medium Tractor is the Massey Ferguson 6460-80 Tier 2.


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