Massey Ferguson 8700S for FS 19 MODS

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Massey Ferguson 8700S download free for Farming Simulator is a new machine. You shall need this one for your farm. Massey Ferguson 8700S will do anything you need it to do.

Massey Ferguson 8700S is a new mod. This mod will allow you to have a strong machine. This one will support you with your farming progress.

You will need to pay 260000 € for this one. And there will be more for you to pay when buying new tools for it. There will be a ton of tools you can use for this one.

Massey Ferguson 8700S

The power of this one will go from 300 to 405 Hp. You will soon see how strong this one can be when you download and play it.

Animated doors are a new thing in this game mod. You can see that the mod has changed the effect when you open and close the vehicle doors.

The lights also have been changed so players can have a real feeling when using the machines.

FS 19 MOD also added the color of the new rim. This will be needed for players who want to have a unique vehicle.

FS 19 Large Tractors:

  • This one will come with new wheels. You can make your choice on them too.
  • The new decal will make your machine look amazing.
  • This mod will send you a free update to have a bigger machine.


Author: STv-Modding

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