MF Serie 3000

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MF Serie 3000 for Farming Simulator is one of the best mods that give you a vehicle. You need this one to add a new tractor to your game.

The new machine will come with new parts to help it carry more and work with unique functions.

Suppose you need a small one for your farm and don’t have that much money. You can spend 45000$ to own this one. That is a good price!

About MF Serie 3000

This one will have two versions for you to choose from. The first one will be 2WD, and the other will be 4WD. The 4 ones will be stronger and faster. But the 2 ones will help you save fuel.

FS 19 MOD will soon give you more choice. This will help you to get the best machine you need for your farm.

FS 19 Small Tractors

There will be more of them for you to choose from. The first one will be simple and cheap, but the other will be massive and strong.

Suppose you need more info about these new machines. Come and join us for more info about the engine and control!


Author: Blacksheep Modding

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