Midwest Durus 60Ft for FS 19 Mods

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Midwest Durus 60Ft download free for Farming Simulator 19 is very helpful to make your harvest season less complex.

Midwest Durus 60Ft will impress with an extended cut in front of the tractor. It can cut your cereals very effectively and save your time considerably. Thanks to this, your productivity will be higher, and your cost of fuel will be lower. The profit of your harvest season is better without sacrifice on the cereal’s quality. The machine has a working width of 18 meters to handle well no matter how large your farm is. In addition, it is one of the FS 19 Harvesters that has side work lights. Also, this mod has additional fuel in the trailer (2,750 liters).

Currently, the price of this machine is 167.967 €. It is a reasonable price for a giant cutter.

Why is this mod chosen by players:

Thanks to its size, many people want to harvest fast, and the Midwest Durus 60Ft can help them. Therefore, it is why more and more people buy it for their farms.

There are many cutters in Farming Simulator MOD, but this mod is the largest. Do you want to try it?


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