NEW HOLLAND TX32/36 for FS 19 Mods

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NEW HOLLAND TX32/36 download free for Farming Simulator 19 has new configurations of some components to work well in several hours.

NEW HOLLAND TX32/36 is an excellent movement of the Farming Simulator MOD because it has a medium size and a high-quality engine. Therefore, the farmer can use it to do simple and more complex farming tasks. However, if your tasks are very challenging, you should consider having the best result. With the power of 140-240hp and a maximum of 25 km/h, the tractor is suitable for some medium tasks. In addition, this tractor has some versions so you can choose one of them depending on your demands.

The price of this tractor is from 70,000-130,000 €, and you have many options.

Why do many players choose this mod?

The main reason for the popularity of this mod is its affordable price. If you are a new member and don’t have too much money to invest in a harvester, this NEW HOLLAND TX32/36 is what you need.

There are many mods in FS 19 Harvesters, but we highly recommend trying this mod first. Well, let’s get started and rock out other tractors.


Author: LeSimulateurFrancais

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