New Holland Varifeed 18 for FS 19 MODS

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New Holland Varifeed 18 download free for Farming Simulator will help you harvest grain, wheat, and other plants. FS 19 MOD collection will bring you this one for free.

New Holland Varifeed 18 is the best one we have for you. When you need a machine that allows you to harvest as many crops as you need, this machine will help!

New Holland Varifeed 18

The machine allows you to gather all your wheat and grain in a short time. The width that this machine can work will be 5.5m. This is medium because this one is a small machine.

The new update of this mod has adjusted the color of it. We will soon bring this one for your PC and also mobile.

35.000€ is how much you need to spend to own this one. Even when this machine is expensive, we think you will need it.

FS 19 MOD will be the one who brings you this machine. Come to our page, and there will be more info for you!

FS 19 Harvesters

When you have a big farm and want to save more time to gather all your crops, this machine will be the one that helps you.

There will be some adjustments added to this one. You need to download updates to have all the features you need.


Author: GIANTS Software

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