Placeable Solar Panels for FS 19 MODS

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Placeable Solar Panels download free for Farming Simulator will send you new and old things about this mod. FS 19 Misc is for players who want to make small money during day time.

Placeable Solar Panels is a simple machine. And this one will bring you nothing but money. You will need this new system to help you earn money even when you are off work. Come with us, and you shall know how this mod will work for you.

Placeable Solar Panels

There will be different types of machines for you in this mod. Most of them will be panels that help you get some income per hour.

This game mode will also come with easy, normal, and hard modes. Each mode will have a unique income for your farm. We can say that the harder you play, the more considerable money you make.

FS 19 Misc mod:

For 820 income per hour, you will need to spend 150000 € to own any of the panels. The cheapest one we have for you will cost 75000 €.

We will bring you more choice for a bigger and better machine. FS 19 MOD will also ask you to spend any amount of money on maintaining the engine.

We will bring you more info about this mod on the main page. Come and read to know better about it!


Author: MechMods

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