Pond Water Store for FS 19 MODS

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Pond Water Store download free for Farming Simulator will allow you to fill all your tank. After that, you can use it to water all your crops. FS 19 Object is the collection of this mod!

Pond Water Store is useful for players. You will need this mod to have water all the time.

What you need to do when you have this pond is find a tank to carry your water. After filling your tank, you can control your machine to the field and then water the crops.

Pond Water Store

There will be three plants and some creatures that live in this pond too. You can make this pond bigger by adding a new update.

This update will bring you two choices for pond size and shape. FS 19 MOD will bring you some more options, but you only have two of them right now.

You can get this one from the Lizard page; that will be where you update it too. The mod will come with a water effect!

FS 19 Object

The garage menu will be where you can find and buy this one for your farm. There will be more for you to buy from the menu.

The game will allow you to make some changes to the shape of each pond you have. This is one chance to progress!


Author: Dorset

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