Precision Farming: Free DLC now available for PC and consoles!

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Farming Simulator will be the world of farming, gathering, and building progress. All you need to do in this game will be create your farm in your style.

The PC version of this game will be somewhat different from the other version. You can see these unique differences when playing the Xbox, PS5, and Nintendo.

Come with us and talk about what you will get inside this game:

EIT Food:

European Institute of Innovation and Technology will be the phrase that EIT stands for. And this food will bring you some benefit below:

  • This food will be safer for the environment, and you shall let you have more time to use it before it becomes out of date.
  • The foods we have in this collection will bring you more nutrition. And you shall need them for your life. This not only happens in real life, but in this game, you will see the same thing.
  • You can sell these foods for more money. It is not about how it is worth it. It is about how to make them. Players will save more time when using this food to replace other food.
  • We make this food so you can give other people some knowledge about healthy food. And they will learn something valuable about EIT foods.

New soil and Yield Improvement

This game has made some changes to the soil and the field where you can find them not only in the effect of the ground but also on how they work when you use them for farming.

There will be different kinds of soil, and each will come with pH levels. You need to know this when planting your seeds. And you also want to know the pH levels if you wish your crop to grow well.

Sampling will be the best way for you to play the element that is inside the soil. It will take time, but you will be able to know better about your farm after that. This action needs to be done each day or each week so you can have better crops growing.

John Deere Gator and ISARIA SCOUT

Both machines will appear in this version too. And you will need them to take care of anything on your farm. It would be best if you had these machines all the time, and make sure that they have enough fuel for their job.

Repair these machines each week so they can help you with your crop with the best effect. This Farming Simulator 19 version still needs some more work to complete the main features. And you can come back to download the best version of it.

Your farm can be big, but if it can survive for many years and bring you high profit is still a question. Come and join us in this game to see the unique features of your farm!