R.D.C.FS19 for FS 19 MODS

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R.D.C.FS19 download free for Farming Simulator allows you to use some machines for watering. You can find another machine to take care of your new farm. FS 19 Map is ready for you!

R.D.C.FS19 is good for your farm. There will be more for you to explore in this new map. You can read the post below to know more about this mod.


Irrigation Cannons will be the new stuff we have in this mod for you. Each item that this pack has will allow you to water all your crops. You will never need to worry about how you can give your crops enough water.

The new machine that we send you will have 120m in working range. This is a huge number and you need this for medium farms. FS 19 MOD will change this number laters.

There will be different choices for you to make such as 60, 30, 120m. Each one will also come with a unique shape and size.

FS 19 Map

  • This new mod will not work along the season. This means there will be nothing appearing when the seasons change.
  • You can not use this with Straw Harvest.
  • There will be a place where you can place all the bales you have. This place will be marked.


Author: Alberto

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