Release-Date and Trailer for Farming Simulator 22

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Farming Simulator is a game that allows you to build your farm uniquely. There will be nothing from the fantasy world. You have to face and win against nature to build your farm in this game.

Release day and info:

The version for PC will come to you on November 22nd. And this time, we will choose what device you can use to play this game.

You can also play it on Nintendo, PS5, and Xbox. There will be some support you can have from the producer. The trailer of the game will be the first thing you need to see.

In this trailer, we will mention some fun things that you can have in the game. You will spend all of your morning time working. And when the night comes, it is time for you to think about what you will do the next morning.

This trailer will also bring you some knowledge about the season system of the game. There will be some trouble you need to face when joining this game and its features.

Also, in this trailer, you will see two people appear in the game. It is the main character you can have. You will use them for most of the job when playing this game.

Farming Simulator 22

This game has some limits on the people who can play it on PC. You can only be one of them if you are lucky. The limit will bring more fun when you are the one who owns this fantastic game.

Follow us is the best way to get through all the instructions about how to play this game. There will be season change, sound effects, and knowledge about nature.


This pack will come at a cost, and you can only get them free if you are lucky enough. The pack will contain:

  • CLAAS XERION 4200: the best machine you can use for your harvest. There will be no problem when you use this one to take care of your crop when you are out.
  • KAWECO XERION: it can do a lot of things to help you with farming items. And these machines will need a lot of gas for the whole working process.
  • KAWECO OPTI-JECT 800: it will repair your land and get them ready for another crop. You shall need this to save more time for your harvest. The winter will soon come, so be ready for what will happen.
  • KAWECO Front-Unit: this baby will cost a lot of money to own if you buy it from the shop. But you will get it free when you are the lucky one.

We will bring you more info about this game. And the only thing you should do right now will be watching the trailer of the game. Joy and fun for you!