Road Rage for Farming Simulator 19

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Road Rage for FS 19 MODS offers a powerful supercar, and you will love its classic design.

The car has a modern interior, eye-catching appearance and breakneck speed.

An overview of the mod

The mod belongs to Vector Man and is about 5Mb in Size. The mod was officially released in August 2020. The mod is free and compatible with Platforms including PC / MAC, PS4, XB1.

The mod provides a powerful and high-speed car. You add a supercar to your in-game collection.


Road Rage for Farming Simulator has many new features, including:

  • The car has three different versions: 180km/h with a capacity of about 290hp; 210km/h with about 450hp; and 240km/h with a power of about 460hp.
  • Players can open the car door and visit the highly modern interior of the supercar. You will be impressed with two primary colours, including black and orange.
  • The front of the car has an extremely impressive vertical stripe.
  • Players can configure the engine and also the front lights to their liking.
  • The car runs fast and can brake quickly because of the high friction of the wheels.
  • The car has a fixed high chandelier, and the interior lights have a moderate brightness. In particular, the vehicle has a reasonable price so that you can own the car.
  • You can drive the car around the farm and listen to exciting music.
  • The car has an anti-scratch mask to limit the impact.


In short, the mod provides supercars with extremely great design.

Check out FS 19 MODS and enjoy this fantastic supercar!


Author: Vector Man

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