Semi-Tipper 70000/6 for FS 19 MODS

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Semi-Tipper 70000/6 download free for Farming Simulator will be that huge truck you need for your farm. This truck will help you a lot with the carry job and also FS 19 MOD master.

Semi-Tipper 70000/6 is now better than the old version we can give you. The new machine will allow you to carry anything from sand, soil, material, and some small vehicles.

We think that you shall need this new machine for your farm. There will be a bigger one for you to make your selection.

70000 Liters is how much this machine can carry for you. That is a huge number!

Semi-Tipper 70000/6

  • The new mod will allow you to select the color for your machine. Each color will come with a price.
  • You can also adjust the color of your type. This will make your machine look better and have a unique style.
  • FS 19 MOD allows you to change the wheel. This will affect how fast and good your machine can run.
  • All the lights of this new machine have been adjusted. It’s fresh and gives you more fun when riding it!

FS 19 Trailers:

The new mod will bring you a new image for your machine. All the other updates we have will mainly help you control the machine.

You can spend 69000€ to own these machines. That could be expensive, but you should like this one!


Author: Blacksheep Modding

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